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EAR MITES IN CATS Otodectes cynotis- surface mite, usually in the ear canal. Highly contagious with direct contact with another infested animal. Clinical signs: Ear irritation- scratching or head shaking Dark waxy or crusty discharge from the ear Area of hair loss Ear mites are diagnosed with microscopic examination or otoscope.

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What is pageratitis: Pancreatitis is a pancreatitis disease. Problems create in the work of the pancreas and so on the inflammatory device cannot fully perform its functions. More affects dogs and middle aged cats. Feeding your dog a fat-rich meal increases the chances of pancreatitis, which is why proper nutrition is very important.


Canine scabies manifests


Canine scabies manifests Canine scabies manifests is a disease that is caused by Sarcoptes scab var. canis, a superficial burrowing skin mite. It’s causing a nonseasonal intense pruritus. Lesions on the skin can be papule, alopecia, erythema, crusts and excoriations. Most often areas involved on the skin are hocks, elbows, pineal margins, ventral

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