We Care Because You Care

Located right next to Limassol, in the district of Episkopi, Dr. Michalis A. Pelekanis Veterinary Clinic was founded by a well experienced veterinary surgeon, who had a wonderful vision…. to provide high quality veterinary care in Limassol, so that each pet can live a healthy and happy life!

The Veterinary Clinic – Dr. Michalis A. Pelekanis, is a full service animal clinic, employing experienced staff in all types of conditions and treatments, striving to keep your precious little “family members” as happy and healthy as possible, thus we are more than able to undertake both emergency cases, as well as less urgent ones!

We will take every step to give your pet the best possible care.

Being dedicated to animal welfare our clinic is composed by professional and courteous staff that seeks to provide the best veterinary care for each and every one of our highly valued patients. Beyond high quality and experienced veterinarians, we try to create a comfortable and calm environment in our clinic in order for the pets to be relaxed and peaceful while being in the waiting room looking forward to meeting their veterinarian doctor!

Their love and friendship is unconditional. Their health and well being is very important to us as they are not just pets, they are family members who also deserve to live happily ever after and… We are here to make sure of that…

  • Teamwork – We collaborate perfectly providing the utmost care and compassion to your pet.

  • Experience – We have the Knowledge and the Experience to undertake and deal with almost any issue.
  • Care & Support – Pets are family and we will do whatever it takes to keep them healthy for years to come.

Meet the Team

Dr Michalis Pelekanis
Dr Michalis PelekanisDVM
Michalis graduated from the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, with an outstanding score which ranked him in first place. He has been involved with veterinary medicine for several years and he owns a dog, who he adores, Aisha. After years of experience and interest in small animals he decided to establish his own clinic, which includes x-ray and ultrasound of small animals. The dream came true and today his clinic is among the best in Cyprus and is called Dr. Michalis A. Pelekanis!
Dr Toula Michaelidou
Dr Toula MichaelidouDVM
She graduated from the Veterinary Medicine section of the University of Thessalia. From the very first moment she absolutely loved the subject, therefore, along with her studies, she began working in several veterinary clinics around the city and she became an active member of animal welfare in Thessalia district. She is the kind of person that grabs any opportunity to learn more, expand her knowledge and gain as much experience as she can get!
Dr Koulla Irodotou
Dr Koulla IrodotouDVM
Dr Koulla Irodotou is a graduate of the Vet School of the University of Thrace in Stara Zagora, Bulgaria . Ever since she was little, she wanted to become a vet and help animals in every way. During university, she practiced at a vet clinic in Stara Zagora and during the summers, she interned at a vet clinic in Paphos. During her free time, she volunteered at the British (Forces) Animal Rehoming Centre (BARC Cyprus). She is looking forward to her experience at our clinic and caring for your loved pets.
Dr Andreas Kyriacou
Dr Andreas KyriacouDVM
Andreas Kyriacou graduated from the University of Veterinary and Pharmaceutical Sciences Brno, Czech Republic.
As a new graduate, he’s looking forward to serving his profession to the fullest.
Dimosthenis Giannoulis
Dimosthenis GiannoulisDVM
Dimosthenis Giannoulis graduated from the Veterinary School of the University of Thessaly. During his studies he interned for two months in a first opinion practice in Greece and he has also volunteered at a Greek wildlife NGO ,Arcturos. The continuous improvement of his knowledge regarding companion animal medicine is something he looks forward to.
Savvas Pelekanis
Savvas PelekanisGeneral Manager
Savvas Pelekanis began his career choosing the agricultural field and he attended several classes to be able to follow this profession, but his love for animals and his desire to learn more and more about the cute four-legged souls led him to our clinic. We welcomed him with joy, and today he has undertaken the General Manager’s duties being responsible for the reception and the whole pet shop located in our Clinic.
Marina Neocleous
Marina NeocleousSecretary
Marina loves small animals and cares deeply for their welfare, thus she has developed a very careful and dear way to handle them. She is constantly upgrading her knowledge on the subject by attending various training seminars to broaden her horizons.
Argiro Tilliridou
Argiro TilliridouVeterinary Nurse
Argiro Tilliridou might have studied to become a hairdresser, but her love for the animals proved to be greater. Beside the pets she owns, she used to take care of her family’s and friends’ pets as well. Therefore, there is no other place on the earth where she truly belongs rather than the veterinary clinic of dr.Michalis Pelekanis. She is a life-long learner (she often goes to seminars) and makes sure that all the hygiene rules are applied on a daily basis in the clinic, aiming to keep our beloved pets clean and safe.
Maria Pavlou
Maria PavlouGroomer
Maria Pavlou is the groomer of our team. She has graduated from the Department of Maritime Studies at CUT, however she decided to devote herself to animal care. As a groomer she makes sure our pets are beautiful, clean and well-groomed as they deserve. Alongside grooming, she worked as the manager of Dog Valley Rescue Centre and served as President of the Board Directors for four consecutive years. At the shelter, her daily duties were taking care of the dogs, supervising their health and the entire adoption process. Maria will continue to support the work of the shelter as a volunteer, with the same love and care for the animals, with our clinic always by the shelter supporting it in various ways in the last few years.